Why choose The Roadworthy Guy

Unfortunately there will always be some unscrupulous trades’ person, not just in automotive, who will quote a cheap price and then hide the extra in the repairs.
The Roadworthy Guy does not repair vehicles and encourages you to take your vehicle back to your original repairer for any repairs required, thus eliminating any conflict of interest, or suggestion of impropriety by The Roadworthy Guy. 
Alternatively there are local independant repair specialist within close proximity to whom you can be referred if needed.
The Roadworthy Guy is not looking to keep the workshop busy with additional work so you can rest assured your car will be inspected and passed in accordance with the Road Safety Act.

Here's a Tip

When you book in for your Roadworthy Certificate Inspection, make an appointment with you regular repairer for the day following your inspection.

Your repairer may be booked out for a few days after which, there may be a delay in obtaining a part as well.

Vic Roads will only allow you Seven days to repair the vehicle and return for the second inspection. No exceptions. If the seven days is exceeded the original inspection becomes void and a new and complete inspection must be performed. Vic Roads law ... not mine.