Ring to make an appointment.
Please present your car in a clean and acceptable condition

Mud plastered four wheel drives will not be inspected

Please make sure the vehicle is completely accessible 



The cost for an unmodified standard passenger vehicle is $165 including $15 GST for Scott Morrison MP.
Larger four wheel drive (or two wheel drive derivitives), modified vehicles, vehicles seeking the CPS registration scheme (Club Plates) or vehicles with drums brakes etc will incur an additional charge usually being that of $185 inc of GST.
The inspection on average will take two and a half hours for most vehicles.

The Roadworthy Guy will, on average, take 60 to 70 digital pictures of the vehicle which requires cataloguing and storing in accordance with Vic Roads guidelines.

Once the first inspection is complete, if the vehicle complies with the roadworthy act then a certificate of roadworthiness is issued. This certificate is valid for 30 days.

If the first inspection reveals some defects whether major or minor, Vic Roads allow seven days for the vehicle to be represented with the defects rectified where upon a second inspection is performed, repairs photographed, and if satisfactory, the Roadworthy certificate is then issued.

This certificate is valid for 30 days from the date of the second inspection.
There is no charge for the second inspection.
If the vehicle is not represented in the seven day time frame with the defects rectified, then the initial Roadworthy certificate must be cancelled and a new inspection must be performed. Vic Roads law ... Not mine.