About The Roadworthy Guy
Tony Pope (MIAME), trading as The Roadworthy Guy, (ABN 92 623 708 603) 

Tony commenced his career in the automotive industry in the early seventies … (Yes the Seventies) 

•    Gough Whitlam was Prime Minister
•    AC/DC was a Pub Band
•    ABBA had just won the Eurovision song competition
•    The average median house price in Melbourne was $25,500
•    The average weekly wage was $106.00
•    A first year apprentice mechanic earned $18 per week 
•    Petrol was $0.12c per litre
•    A litre of milk was $0.30c 
•    A loaf of bread was $0.24c 
•    Peter Brock won his first Bathurst in an XU1 Torana 
•    Cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin City
AND ... Elvis was still alive.
General Motors Holden produced almost half a million HQ’s up to October 1974 and ran a catchy advertising campaign of “Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden cars” which was off the back of the General Motors Chevrolet (GMC) American campaign of “Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet” 

Whilst in the other camp, “Going Ford was the going thing”.
Tony Pope was a founding director of Ultra Tune Systems, now probably the biggest and most recognised independent automotive service franchises in Australia. In the early growth years of Ultra Tune, Tony travelled interstate training technicians and assisted in commissioning new franchises.
Over his time in the group he commissioned 5 of his own successful franchises, the largest of which consistently ranked in the top 5 Ultra Tune stores in Australia.
For some years during the late eighties Tony Co-hosted a successful talk back motoring Show every Sunday morning on Melbourne Radio. 
Tony retired as Chairman of the Board in the late nineties, finally retiring from the Ultra Tune group in 2002

Tony has been a Vic Roads approved Licensed Vehicle Tester since the Eighties and has set up this "Roadworthy inspection only" specific workshop to provide independant Roadworthy inspections. 

 "FACT" ..... Over twenty years ago, Tony, together with associate Ultra Tune board members and the technical support team successfully obtained a landmark court ruling and is the reason you can now freely choose your own (suitably approved) workshop/mechanic to provide your ‘New Car “servicing without affecting your new car warranty.
Having repaired more vehicles than you’ve had hot dinners, rest assured Tony does this now because he wants to... Not because he has to.
The Roadworthy Guy … Where you really do get what you pay for!